The aim of this project is to create a scientific network of scholars whose common interest is the investigation of heteroglossic communication situations and translation dynamics in complex, diverse societies from the perspective of social actors´ participation. The socio-political concept of participation has gained in relevance and is seen as an important key to the implementation of equal rights and social integration. The network adopts an innovative perspective on forms of multilingual communication, community interpreting including court interpreting, and community translation with a special focus on the actors.

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The aim is to use empirical studies for the development of new theoretical definitions of translation and interpreting that refer to changing multilingual practices in the field of dialogical interpreting and translation. The overarching result of the network's research will be a more detailed definition and consolidation of the concept of 'participatory translation and interpreting'; the concrete result will be a joint publication on the topic of the network.

The network consists of scientists from Austria, Costa Rica, Germany, Peru, South Africa and the UK.

Scientific network
funded by the German Research Foundation'